Real Estate

Our experience with a local touch, makes choosing the best method to selling your home easier with the Darlington Group Estate Agents.


The Darlington Group tailor a marketing strategy to match your specific needs as we firmly believe no single sales method suits all properties.


When we meet we will talk about your options for how best to approach the sale of your property to ensure that we meet your specific requirements and expectations.



You have a number of options to choose from:

  • Public auction
  • Private sale
  • For sale by negotiation
  • Sale by tender & expressions of interest
  • Sale by closing date



Our recommendations arise from an in-depth analysis guided by:

  • The nature of the property being sold
  • Prevailing market conditions
  • Reasons and timeframes for selling



These variables also play a major role in determining:

  • Timing and placement of advertisements
  • The Sale Price
  • Your marketing budget


Popular Marketing and Selling Options

It will come as no surprise that auctions and private sales are the recognised as the most common selling options for most people, mainly because the methods are readily understood and accepted by prospective purchasers.



Auctions attract more buyers to your property because prospective buyers aren’t put off by an asking price. The auction date creates a sense of urgency that prevents buyers delaying their decision and lets them know you are serious about selling.


You are protected by a reserve price. This means your property won’t sell unless bidding reaches a pre-agreed level. There is no ceiling price so you have the opportunity to achieve a price above your expectations.

Auctions produce an unconditional contract for sale with a set settlement date.    

The momentum leading up to auction day appeals to both buyers and sellers alike

Clients are attracted by the:

  • Defined marketing period
  • High success rate on auction day

Similarly prospective buyers favour:

  • The transparency of the sales process
  • The market dictating the property value


Private Treaty also known as Private Sale

A fixed price makes it easy for buyers — they don’t need to ‘guess’ your desired sale price. The price can be adjusted throughout the marketing stage, based on qualified buyer feedback and local market conditions.

This method of sale is a tried and tested style of marketing. It assists buyers to formulate offers that address your desired selling price, which leads to a faster negotiation process.


Listing your home privately is the best way to “test the waters” to determine the true value of your property.

The lack of time frame removes the pressure from the sales process and can markedly reduce costs associated with a marketing campaign.


Selling privately is an ideal way to introduce prospective buyers and assess the level of interest in your property.





This method of sale shows you are confident about your property and a successful sale. Tenders offer the intensity of an auction but without the potential stress of an auction day.


Tender enables you to keep the price you may accept for your property discreet and lets the market dictate the price buyers are prepared to pay. A tender has a closing date to create a sense of urgency in the buying process.


This method of sale generates competition for your property.